"Tamkeen Technologies" Signs a MOC at the Human Capability Initiative

February 27, 2024

Tamkeen Technologies, represented by Dr. Mohammed bin Faisal Al-Shaibi, signed an MOC with the Human Resources Development Fund and Skill Lab Company during the first edition of The Human Capability Initiative Conference on February 28-29, 2024. The cooperation memorandum aims to develop a comprehensive professional guidance platform using artificial intelligence and its tools to provide career guidance services to individuals. It includes tools for self-discovery by identifying inclinations, capabilities, and specializations, thereby assisting youth in exploring and understanding the job market. It is worth mentioning that "Tamkeen Technologies" is a specialized government entity in technology established in 2013, built and developed by passionate Saudi minds eager to empower future technologies, taking Saudi Vision 2030 as a catalyst for promising ambitions. This is achieved through designing a range of innovative solutions to facilitate digital transformation in the public and private sectors by adopting cutting-edge technologies and benefiting from our strategic partnerships. Tamkeen Technologies is a government entity specializing in information technology. It was built and developed by Saudi intelligent minds, who are passionate about empowering future technology, and consider the Saudi Vision 2030 as the motivation behind their ambition. We design innovative solutions to ease digital transformation in government and private organizations, through adopting the leading technologies and increasing value from our strategic partnerships.