"Tamkeen Technologies" Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

December 16, 2023

"Tamkeen Technologies" celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its foundation under the theme (Decade of Empowerment), in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar Al-Yamani, the CEO of "Tamkeen Technologies", Dr. Mohammed Al-Shaibi, with former chairmen and board members. Over the previous decade, "Tamkeen Technologies" has developed a sustainable development process through mega-projects driven and impacted by national expertise that has had an impact, leading it to become a valuable partner in the kingdom's technical industry. As part of the celebration activities, a visual presentation showcased "Tamkeen Technologies" achievements over the last decade, Tamkeen has honored board members of directors, past CEOs, and employees who have contributed to the company's success and progress. CEO Dr. Mohammed Al-Shaibi greeted the attendees, saying: We are proud of our first decade and our achievements, we are thankful for all the government support to accelerate the technical sector which is reflected in Tamkeen's achievements and initiatives. Tamkeen Technologies is a government entity specializing in information technology. It was built and developed by Saudi intelligent minds, who are passionate about empowering future technology, and consider the Saudi Vision 2030 as the motivation behind their ambition. We design innovative solutions to ease digital transformation in government and private organizations, through adopting the leading technologies and increasing value from our strategic partnerships.