"Tamkeen Technologies" Hosts the Ministry of Human Resources for Innovation and Sustainable Development

August 16, 2023

"Tamkeen Technologies" hosted the Assistant Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for Shared Services, Mr. Ismail Al-Ghamdi, and the Assistant Deputy Minister for Systems and Business Development, Mr. Mohammed Al-Mukhalfi. The visit included a presentation of Tamkeen's products, as well as discussions on ways for collaboration and innovation opportunities in the human resources and sustainable development sector in the Kingdom. Tamkeen Technologies is a government entity specializing in information technology. It was built and developed by Saudi intelligent minds, who are passionate about empowering future technology, and consider the Saudi Vision 2030 as the motivation behind their ambition. We design innovative solutions to ease digital transformation in government and private organizations, through adopting the leading technologies and increasing value from our strategic partnerships.