Tamkeen & Al Khaleej Upgrade the Technological Level of Training Services

June 21, 2023

Tamkeen Technologies – Riyadh Tamkeen Technologies (represented by the Mnar platform), and Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company signed an agreement to provide electronic payment and registration services, as well as supporting beneficiaries in achieving their training objectives. The partnership confirmed that the Mnar platform will provide further advantages to Al-Khaleej Company trainees, such as an electronic file containing all their courses and accredited certificates. In addition to the ability for the trainees to learn about the programs provided by specialized training bodies while also getting an idea of their costs. The agreement was sealed at Tamkeen Technologies' headquarters, and the main beneficiaries are Al-Khaleej trainees, in addition to the services of Mnar Platform being used conveniently and cost-free.