Self-Sustainable Model

With our country's transformation and evolution, there are many challenges and opportunities 

We believe partnerships and self-sustainable government service are the future

Problem Statement 

Consumed time and a large amount of money to keep business running and aligned with the latest technology.

Facing challenges regarding the budget devoted to Implement the Kingdom's 2030 vision of digital transformation.

Fast changes in the business/technical requirements makes the traditional RFP/tender cycle very inefficient.


Self-Sustainable Solution

Building a creative custom solution for the problem at hand. (free of cost).

Constantly updating the solution to fulfill the changing requirements.

Implementing Kingdom’s 2030 vision of digital transformation with the latest technology.

Fulfill customers needs and satisfaction.

The product will keep running, building and recycling itself.


What’s Self-Sustainable Model?

The Self-Sustainable model is about gaining customer satisfaction by building a solution with a business model and the latest technology which will satisfy all the customer’s needs, the product will keep running, building, and recycling by the funds collected from the value-added services by adding new features to the product itself.

How Can This Be Done?

By offering elective premium value-added paid services to the individuals to cover costs

Services need digital transformation


Standard Services (free)


Value added services


Sustainable government services


Below services are provided free of cost to our partners

Software Development


Quality Assurance

Mobile App Development

Analysis and Design


Customer Care

Information Security Services



Data Management

UX and UI services

And We Do More ..