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Digital Solutions

Meet our organizational tools that will boost your digitization journey

تعرف على أدواتنا التنظيمية التي من شأنها تعزيز الرحلة الرقمية للقطاع الحكومي

Fully customizable to fit your goals.

Infinitely scalable to meet your needs.

Open source for infinite possibilities.


Appointments System



An integrated technological solution for any service provider whether a government or private organization, to manage the number of customers visiting your organization using an electronic appointments. The system helps organizations increase customer’s satisfaction by reducing the customer waiting time and avoids store overcrowding.

Correspondence system



An integrated system of the administrative and archiving services that automate the process of administrative communications. It is featured with automated tracking to internal and external communications processes in addition to determining authorities and roles for users and classifying correspondence in an aim to support the organization’s direction towards paperless traditional communication that reduces expansions, enhances performance and raise productivity level

Smart Attendance



A dynamic, simple, and adjustable solution that allows employees to check-in and out of the workplace using their own smart devices (IOS or Android) in an efficient and fast way assuring flexible and healthy environment. It is also enables managers to view attendance reports in addition to many other features.

Self-assessment Tool



Our "Self-Assessment Tool "is an authorized accessible online platform, that enables governmental entities to update their rules and regulations while ensuring the compliance of beneficiaries with the standards of quality and avoiding irregularities. It provides the beneficiaries with detailed reports showcasing the company's compliance with the legislator's current rules and regulations.

Licensing Tool



Our “Licensing Tool” is a unified digital platform for all licensing services. It is fully integrated and directly connects governmental entities to issue licenses automatically and without the need of any human intervention.

Strategy Tool



Our "Strategy Tool" is an interactive tool that assists the strategic management department to monitor the performance of different departments and set their KPI's accordingly. It enables immediate and direct reporting according to the progress level of annual indicators associated with strategic objectives and automating the organization's performance management processes, as well as integrating them with many other systems.

ERP System



Our “ERP System“ is an open source platform, developed by an expert ERP team to support our partners to manage the organizational resources properly and effectively for all departments including Human Resources Services, Financial Management, Procurement, Warehouses, and Inventory Control. Benefits:

  • Time efficient
  • Business integration and operation of different departments
  • Reducing administrative and procedural errors
  • No annual licenses
  • Open source products


File Sharing Platform



Our “File Sharing Platform” is an open source product that supports cloud solutions to insure the security of shared and stored information, starting from the level of team members all the way to the entire governmental entity or organization, while maintaining the data within Saudi Arabia. It facilitates the transfer of information and data within the organization or its entities by enabling the users to share files and links privately in a secure environment, in addition to-determine authorities’ level and the ability to modify it.

Digital Products
منتجات تقنية


The Training MarketPlace that allows users to easily search & display the available Training institutions and training courses within KSA. It works as a search engine that enable trainees to explore courses and to view all the information related to training institutions and trainers. It also enables the trainee to evaluate the courses and institutions, which will increase the quality in the market.

Digital Products
منتجات تقنية


Reintroducing the call center offering an approach to fit the need of our customers. Jsour is an innovative cloud-based call center solution in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It builds the technology around your needs and makes it customizable for your company, with a very effective cost.