A present evolution,

a step for revolution!

Using our customer-centric approach, agile methods, and innovative business model, we enable e-government digital transformation through our:

Partnership is the way forward

Tamkeen’s partnering model is built around the government’s needs. We believe in the power of successful collaborations, with our focus on reaching the desired outcome in a timely, cost-effective, scalable, integrable and in reliable manner.

Open-Source is a Viable Alternative

Our open-source approach reflects the way to reduce cost and increase innovation.
We believe that open-source solutions provide greater agility for a constantly changing future:

  • Greater range of choice preventing vendor lock-in

  • Better value with a lower cost to own and without recurring licensing fees

  • Flexible integrations

  • Secure

  • Innovative and fully customizable

  • Easy set-up

Our Open-Source Solutions Ecosystem:

  • Fully integrated with government-owned ICT service provider.

  • Connecting ICT government regulatory bodies, government agencies, open-source technology providers, and small & medium enterprises.

  • Existing agreement with open-source partners.

  • Over 80+ unique certified professionals.

Our Self-Sustainable Business Model

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Value Added Service


Sustainable Government Service