Technical consultancy :

Progress to enable services advanced in the field of technology consulting to enable customers to adopt the latest and best software and technology solutions that keep pace with the acceleration of growth and progress in the field of Information Technology through its expertise excellence in cloud computing , infrastructure services SOA (service oriented approach), and management information systems , in addition to enabling the most important business applications such as enterprise resource planning ERP, customer relationship management CRM, and other services and applications that enable offered to provide information technology solutions to its customers with the highest quality and efficiency .

In order to enable the province to ensure its competitive advantage is working on a permanent basis to enable the development of efficiency and effectiveness in its advisory services .


Systems integration and the development of :

Today is the integrated systems of the most important factors that enhance the operational efficiency of the client by simplifying the conduct of operations , training and transfer of knowledge . Integrated systems are a key foundations to enable services to confirm the action tune applications to ensure the provision of unique service by the customer's need .

Seeks to enable its customers to increase with the proceeds invested in information technology through its expertise in institutional systems integration solutions by working on the structure of the service infrastructure service SOA, in addition to full automation and partial measures business through business process management BPM.

Through the application of structure to enable effective service SOA and business process management BPM can provide its customers IT environment strong and flexible to enable them to react quickly and flexible to market changes and business and reduce overall costs through reuse and activation.


Employment services and technical support in information technology :

 With the adoption of today's business world on speed, reliability and confidence in business performance comes to provide technical systems reliable and effective and that provide high value to the customer of the most important elements that will ensure the success and effectiveness of information technology in business .

The empowerment of national cadres working Arabia on enhancing the efficiency and continuity of management and operation of infrastructure for information technology so as to ensure the client application requirements with high quality services .