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Ministry of Labor
  - Ajeer

Based on the need of the labor market to regulate the exchange of labor, in order to meet the requirement in line with the wishes of the beneficiaries have been building a system ager to regulate the relationship between corporate recruiters and companies that need labor , including to ensure that the Ministry of Labour health and safety contract and entitlement to the beneficiary of the service according to the ministry systems and standards program ranges .
 - Address the National facilities
Due to the importance of providing the title easy and clear standard to provide postal service characteristic of the facilities , was developed Title National for use in navigation systems available on the internet or mobile phones, cars and corresponds to this address systems with geographical coordinates GIS and linked to the Ministry of Labour .
- Services and the Ministry of Labor in Post Offices
Implementation of the partnership agreement with the Saudi Post Corporation as part of the provision of services and e-government applications to the Ministry of Labour , was also complete the connection between electronic systems in Saudi Postal Corporation and the Ministry of Labor , and the training of the staff of post offices to receive applications and access to systems and verification of documents and the provision of services in question
- The transformation of the electronic cloud
General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training
  - Draft Technical bonding
Human Resources Development Fund
General Organization for Social Insurance
Company Integration Business Services Holding
Saudi skills standard​ SSS